(for persons entitled to asylum or forming a family and immigrants seeking family reunification)

This brochure of the Dutch government contains information about what you must arrange when you come to the Netherlands. The brochure is intended for persons entitled to asylum, persons forming a family and immigrants seeking family reunification.

  • For example, you must go to the authorities at the municipality in the place where you live.
  • Find information about work, about the rules. And what you can do if something is wrong.
  • Find information about Dutch customs. How we deal with one another.
  • Find information on the internet. Additional information can often be found on the internet. The text will state which websites you can visit.

Download the brochure

Brochure in Arabic
Brochure in English
Brochure in Dutch

The brochure is also available in many other languages.

Source: Overheid.nl