A few weeks ago we got together with Ben&Jerry’s, TakecareBNB and Refugee Start Force at our Whocares headquarters. Like many people, we are concerned by the growing division in our communities. Fear and prejudice are on the rise, and that simply isn’t cool.

Opencrib is born because we want to start a new chapter. Newcomers have stopped being new, and have now become our neighbours, colleagues, friends, and team mates. We want to enable newcomers and Dutchies alike to see each other for what we are.

We are speaking out because we believe that there is hope. There is an ever increasing number of citizens and organisations that stand up for unity over division, speaking out in the name of compassion and understanding. We want to build a society for all flavours of people, starting from the grassroots.

We can’t provide jobs, housing, or friendly politics on a national scale, but we can enable each other to open our homes and hearts.

It’s you that can make #opencrib shine and radiate. By opening your doors to someone, or taking someone up on their invitation. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

We hope this initiative will allow all Dutchies to do something heart warming in the last cold week of this year.


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