Municipal and national benefits

Here is a list of the municipal and national benefits that are available to you:

Municipal benefits

  • Collective insurance
  • Laptop for schoolchildren
  • Free public transport for people aged over 65
  • Schoolchildren’s allowance for children under 18 (Scholierenvergoeding)
  • City Pass discount card for cultural and leisure activities (Stadspas)
  • Child illness and disability allowance (Regeling tegemoetkoming meerkosten)
  • Additional allowance for public transport (Tegemoetkoming aanvullend openbaar vervoer)
  • Contribution to child day care centre
  • Social security payment for exceptional costs (Bijzondere bijstand)
  • Child Package allowance (Kindpakket)
  • Exemption from municipal taxes
  • Youth culture fund
  • Youth sports fund

For more information: check the website of your municipality, ask your contact person at Vluchtelingenwerk or municipality.

National benefits

  • Housing benefit
  • Healthcare benefit (Zorgtoeslag)
  • Child benefit
  • Child tax allowance (Kindgebonden budget)
  • Child daycare allowance
  • Allowance for students aged over 18
  • Supplementary benefit for the elderly (Aanvullende inkomensvoorzieningen ouderen)