Rotterdam & Amsterdam:
Refugees Forward is looking for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially in the Rotterdam area!

Refugees Forward is a business incubator for newcomers, and offers training and coaching to support newcomers in setting up their business in the Netherlands.

In February 2019 they are launching a 4-month programme in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam, where RF, their partners (e.g. ACE, Team Academy, Uber, Deloitte) and a group of highly motivated students will guide 30 entrepreneurs in their way to economic independence and entrepreneurial success! Their program offers training on business strategy and cross-cultural skills, as well as a team of experienced business coaches and dedicated (Dutch) students to work with the entrepreneurs!

They are organizing a 3-day Startup Weekend from the 23rd to the 25th of November in Rotterdam! During this weekend 20 newcomers and 20 students work on their business plan while being coached. The participants can earn a spot in RF’s incubator program in February 2019, as well as a spot in the 2 extra training days after the weekend for a substantial monetary prize from the Young Advisory Group!

Please find attached the flyer for interested participants, who can find more information at and apply now to start your own business in the Netherlands!