Due tothe Corona crisis, the energy costs are now historically low.

When you got your house , probably you did not check all different energy providers and the different prices. Most newcomers are entering into a energy contract with one of the major, more expensive, energy providers (Vattenfall, Essent or Eneco) and don’t know that there are many cheaper options (Oxxio, Pure Energie, Budget Energie, Energiedirect, Minder, NLE Energie, or United Consumers).

In most cases, you have entered into an energy contract for a period of one or two years. This means that during this period the price and contract can not be changed. However, after this period you are allowed to switch to an other energy provider and we advice you to do so.

Switch to an other provider and save up to € 400 on your next annual energy bill

If you stay with your current provider without doing anything, your energy provider will just continue your contract under the same conditions and price. Some companies give you a discount, however, this discount is very small.

You can save a lot of money if you switch to a different provider. First, an other provider will give you a new contract based on the current, very low, energy prices. Also, many energy providers give an attractive welcome bonus to new customers. This makes it very attractive to switch!

How to fined the best new energy provider and how to switch hassle free?

  1. In the tool below, you can fill in your address details and also your family situation (how many people are living on your address?). Simply press the button and get and overview of the different energy providers available on your address and also see the prices and welcome discounts. In the list you can compare the prices with your current provider which will also be stated in the search results.
  2. Have you found a good deal? Simply press the button and complete your details and the new provider will organize everything for you. You don’t need to inform your current provider, the new provider will terminate your current contract.

Note: some companies charge a fine when you switch while your current contract has not been expired yet (within the first or fist two years), it’s advices to check with your current provider whether you are already allowed to switch to an other provider without being fined.

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