When searching online for a job, start with a few key job sites that feature a combination of job postings aggregated from other sites and paid job ad placements. Adzuna and Joblift are good options to start with, and you may even find that one (or a few) of these sites is sufficient for your needs. That’s because these sites work behind the scenes to identify jobs posted elsewhere online (such as company website career pages and other places where employers advertise jobs) as well as accept paid job ads. 

1.  Use good search terms

Adzuna and Joblift provid typically have a very broad selection of available jobs listed.  In order to find the best opportunities, use good search terms. 

Of course you can search on a specific job title (for example ‘Financial Controller’). To find more results, try also with the words ‘finance’ and ‘financial’. This usually gives you more results.

2. search on your location

Most job search engines have the option to search for jobs based in specific cities. If not, you can do a general search by typing for example ‘Amsterdam‘Den Haag’ or ‘Utrecht’ in the search field. For more results, it it’s worth searching on the province or try to search all jobs within a certain distance (for example 25 km).

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Adzuna: AmsterdamDen HaagUtrecht – Rotterdam

Joblift: AmsterdamUtrechtDen HaagRotterdam

3. search in a specific sector

Searching in a specific sector gives you more results and also show jobs that are related to your actual position you are searching for.

4. Use both Englisch and Duch search words

Many job titles in The Netherlands are in English, even when the job itself is in a Dutch company. To find more results, try for example both administrative assistant and ‘administratief medewerker’ as your search words.

5. Search for all jobs where Arabic and/or English Speaking. employees are needed

Are you looking for a job where you can speak English or Arabic? Try a general search with the search words ‘English’, Engels’, ‘Arabisch’ and “Arabic’. This results in a good search results that can be further narrowed according to your needs.
It’s up to you to narrow your search to find the results further narrowed to your needs. to impress when hiring managers start to call!

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6. Search jobs that match your level of education

Most job search engines enable you to narrow your search to jobs that require a certain level of education (MBO,HBO or WO). For more results it is recommended to search jobs both on your level of education but also on a lower level of education.

7. Search for specific companies and organisations

Are you looking for jobs at specific companies or organisations? Type the name of the company or organisation in the search engine! For example, UWV, every municipality (gemeente) and the government (de overheid0 usually have a very positive approach on employing newcomers.

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8. Create job alerts

Once you have identified the job search engines and search words that are most beneficial to you, create job alerts on the sites that have this type of feature available. For example, you can create job alerts at Adzuna quickly and easily. Most job search engines offer this feature. Setting up alerts means that you’ll receive a notification via email or text when job openings that meet your specified criteria are posted on the site. You will have to register with the site in order to receive alerts.