Are you looking for a well-paid and flexible part-time job for which you don’t have to speak Dutch or English? Do you want to work as soon as possible? Consider to work as a newspaper deliverer!

DPG Media is responsible for the delivery of the different National newspapers and is looking for delivers in many places in The Netherlands.

What are the benefits for a newspaper deliverer?

● You work on afreelance basis or with a contract via an ‘uitzendbureau’ (for Ukrainian newcomers) and earn an average between € 500,- and € 800,- per four weeks. The compensation is often higher on Saturdays!
● Earn money fast: you often finish within a couple of hours in the early morning. The rest of the day you have time to do other things, study or relax!
● Flexibility: Delivery is possible from Monday to Saturday!
● Great welcome: you will receive a handy and nice welcome package.
● Lots of free stuff and extra’s: receive multiple gadgets and gifts, can participate in fun giveaways, and read the newspaper for free!

What are you going to do as a newspaper deliverer?

A paper round is an active part-time job that only takes up a few hours of your morning.

The newspapers have to be delivered on time every day. On weekdays this is before 8 a.m. and Saturday before 10 a.m. After this, you have the rest of the day free for other activities.

Sounds good?

What are the requirements to become a newspaper deliverer?

● you have your BSN and bankaccount
● You must be able to communicate in basic English (if you don’t speak English, please send an email with Google translate and explain that you need to communicate with help of a translator)
● You are at least 15 years old.
● You are an early riser because the work takes place in the early morning!
● You can borrow a bicycle during work.


Please send an email to mister Dany Gouri ( with a copy to

In your email, please identify:

  • your name and contactdetails
  • the city or village in The Netherlands where you live
  • date of Birth
  • languages you speak.

If we want more info, please send WhatsApp to Dany (in English, Dutch or Arabic only) at +31620421469.