Noodle restaurant Wagamama joins Refugee Start Force!

Locations: Amsterdam, Roermond, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Leidschendam.

Available jobs:

  • Line-chef (kitchen role for beginners with no or limited experience)
  • servers (waiter/waitress)
  • sous-chefs
  • Potwashers

Be you, be wagamama! We are proud to announce that Wagamama joined rhe RSF. Wagamama is a famous ‘Asian noodle restaurant’ inspired by fast-paced japanese ramen bars. 

At wagamama we’re more interested in what you do than how you look. we celebrate the things that make you different. We won’t try turn you into something you’re not. we’re so passionate about the value of letting people be themselves at work we even have an anti-cloning policy. if you like to sound of us, you’ll probably like working with us.

Refugee Start Force will help Wagamama to recruit new employees for all their open positions.

Language skills and experience
Dutch is not necessary for Wagamama. For the job of ‘server’ where you have the most customer contact, your English must be perfect but for the kitchen positions, more basic English can be sufficient (you must be able to follow the instructions of the chefs). Experience is nice bur not necessary, Wagamama is super social and aninclusive team where everybody deserves a chance, is a high priority.

Please send a short motivation email and your CV to

Write a short motivation and explain where you live, what kind of job you look for and what level of English you speak. if you havea CV, please attch this to your email.

We will check the list of available positions and further investigate with you if we can connect you with our HR contact at Wagamama.

For more information, you can also send us a pm via our Facebook or LinkedIn.