Our mission & objectives

‘Refugee Start Force equips refugees with the contacts and knowledge needed to realize their professional ambitions’


Refugee Start Force aims to give refugees a shortcut into the Dutch society. Through our community we match refugees with local professionals, organizations and companies in the region based on professions, skill sets and expertises.

Our community equips refugees with the contacts and knowledge needed to realize their professional ambitions.

Our guiding objective is empowering refugees to participate more quickly into the Dutch society and labor market and built a successful life in The Netherlands.




  • Enable refugees to integrate more quickly into the Dutch society and labour market.
  • Gain insight into qualifications and talents of refugees at an early stage.
  • Create relevant professional networks between Dutch citizens and refugees at an early stage
  • Gain insight into possibilities for volunteering, internships and other development opportunities
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship.
  • Examine possibilities for more ‘experimental space’ within the current legislation.


Refugee Start Force is a not-for-profit initiative working on a budget-neutral basis.

In order to cover our costs, we are depending on donations. Every donation is welcome and will be used to improve our community platform, organizing events and projects.

Please send your donation to account number: NL24 INGB 0008 1010 28 in the name of Stichting Refugee Start Force.