What is a credential evaluation?

A credential evaluation is a written statement, which indicates the value of a foreign diploma or study programme in the Netherlands. It contains a comparison of a foreign diploma or study programme with the Dutch educational system. Sometimes, this is a specific comparison with a Dutch educational programme. Sometimes only a general comparison can be made because there are too many differences between the educational programmes.

Recognition of your profession

Did you obtain your diploma outside the Netherlands? Find out whether you need permission of a competent authority to practise your profession in the Netherlands.

Is your profession on the list below?

Then it is a regulated profession. You need permission to practise it in the Netherlands. Please contact the competent authority that is referred to, to find out what to do.

Is your profession not on the list above?

Then you can freely practise it in the Netherlands. A diploma evaluation may be useful for you.

EU/EEA migrants

Are you an EU/EEA migrants with an EU/EEA qualification? Then you can consult the flow chart below to see what applies in your situation:

Flow diagram on professional recognition(21 kB)

Professional recognition in the EU

Each EU member state has an Assistance Centre(AC). The AC of a country gives information to people who wish to practise their professions in that country. EP-Nuffic serves as the AC in the Netherlands.

To provide this service, EP-Nuffic cooperates with SBB, the Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market. SBB is the National Reference Point(NRP) in the Netherlands, the national contact point for information on vocational education in European countries.

European Professional Card

Since 18 January 2016 pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses, mountain guides and real estate agents can apply for a European Professional Card (EPC).


Sources and more information: EP Nuffic and IDW.nl.