Study in Holland is an initiative of Nuffic to promote and inform students worldwide about Dutch higher education. Study in Holland is the official starting point for all international students who are considering Holland as a study destination.

Together with the representative offices of Nuffic, the Netherlands Education Support offices (Nesos), Nuffic provides you with all sorts of information about studying in Holland. This ranges from information about the Dutch higher education system, to a complete and transparent database with all international study programmes and from a checklist with all the steps you need to take, to extensive information about available scholarships.

On the main website, you can find information about:

Holland as a country
The Dutch education system
Study options
Available scholarships
Practical matters such as residence permits
Information on what studying in Holland can do for your career

EP-Nuffic actively promotes Dutch higher education among specific target groups in other countries. In order to show the broad range of study options available in the Netherlands, EP-Nuffic has created Studyfinder, an online database of international study programmes.

Higher education institutions in the Netherlands have a single point of contact for adding information about their study programmes to the database.

Easy-to-use search engine

International students can comfortably find their way through the programmes available in Studyfinder thanks to an easy search engine. It offers them a central point of entry to complete, transparent and reliable information about studying in the Netherlands.

Your study programmes in Studyfinder?

Higher education institutions in the Netherlands can check our Dutch websitefor information on having course information added to the database.


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