Learning the Dutch language and culture and integrating in the Dutch society and labor market can take a lot of time, however there are ways to reduce that effort

Understanding Your Network

Each and every one of us has a large network of contacts, however most of us don’t realize this. Your network is likely to consist of your friends, your family and colleagues. The theory that we’re only six steps away from anyone in the world might have been a bit far-fetched, but there is some truth in the idea. It’s unlikely that you will know all of the friends of your friends and this is where you could find a potential job opportunity. The most important point to remember about your network is that it is larger than you can imagine and has people you’ve never even met… yet.

Digital Expansion

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are ideal for contacting and becoming noticed by employers that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to speak with in person. For instance, did you know that 97% of users registered with LinkedIn use it to source candidates for jobs? Refugee Start Force has created several groups that allow you to meet new people.

Meetings and events

You can expand your network by attending social meeting, networking meetings and job matching events that are aimed at specific types of businesses, industries and functional areas (Medical, IT, Hospitality, etc.). With each person you meet, ask for contact details. Carry out research beforehand of companies that you’d like to speak to, and try to spend time to get to know their attendees. Your goal is to leave a lasting impression that you can follow up on down the line. Not every business is going to see your potential, but the contacts may be useful with your job search.