Finding a place to live in The Netherlands can be a tough operation, especially in popular cities.

if you satisfy the conditions for social housing, a social house will be provided by a housing association in your municipality, when you receive your status from the IND. Read  this blog for more information about social housing..

If you don’t satisfy the conditions fo social housing there are various ways to find a place to live in the Netherlands:

How to find a (reliable) house or room in the private sector?

Unfortunately, the answer is not so easy. Also Dutch people experience many problems. There is a shortage of affordable private rooms and houses and there are many unreliable brokers active. We wrote a separate blog regarding the legal rules applicable to tenancy agreements and what to do when you experience problems.

Internet and social media

The Internet can be a big help in finding a house or room. And don’t forget to check out social media in your search because there might be someone in your social network who is looking for a roommate! We recommend the following websites (always be careful sometimes websites require you to register as a paid member first):

Huurstunt and Kamerstunt are website where you can register and search for for a house or room.If you want to reply, you need a premium account. Other websites worth trying:

  • Funda
  • Pararius
  • Marktplaats and Facebook groups (be careful for unreliable houselords!)


Anti-squatters function as caretakers of empty buildings, protecting them from vandalism. It’s a cheap way to live, but it requires some flexibility on your part. Search for ‘anti-kraak’ organisation in the your area. Anti-squat building are cheap to rent but the legal housing rules are not applicable. Usually the houselord can terminate the contracts very easy within a short term. Therefor we do not recommend this as a preferred option.

Student housing corporations

There are many housing corporations in the Netherlands that cater to students. When you register with one of these corporations, you will (usually) have to pay a fee. Also, since there is limited availability, you will be put on a waiting list. The people with the longest registration period will be invited to viewings, therefore, make sure you register as soon as possible. The largest student housing corporations are: SSH Student Housing, DUWO, Rental housing agencies.