How your organisation or company can help

Invite refugees to visit your company or organisation

Enable refugees to integrate more quickly into the Dutch society and to gain insight in the Dutch labour market.

  • Organize a networking meeting and job matching event
  • Organize a training event to promote professional skills
  • Invite a refugee to learn more about your workplace and organize a tour
  • Give a company presentation and exchange professional experiences
  • Mobilize your staff to set aside volunteer time to offer their skills or expertise

Mentor a refugee and create internships

Internships enables refugees to keep active and gain experience with the Dutch society and labor market.

  • Help refugees to gain professional experience
  • Let refugees help you with your business
  • Mentor refugees and help them to further develop their skills
  • Create possibilities for internships
  • Provide training opportunities to refugees
  • Mentor a refugee, either informally or set up a mentoring program.

Support with items & services

Here are some ways your business can contribute items and services to refugees, community and refugee initiatives.


  • Offer company space and facilities for meetings and projects
  • Provide services such as transportation, business, marketing and legal advice
  • Donate items such as transportation tickets, laptops, mobile phones and learning tools
  • Provide entrance tickets for exhibitions, concerts, seminars and events
  • Offer accommodations at no cost or reduced cost

Support volunteer projects

Volunteer work for non-profit organization is highly recommended for refugees. It enables refugees to keep active and gain experience with the Dutch society and labor market.

  • Involve refugees in your social projects
  • Enable refugees to practice their professional and soft skills
  • Also create opportunities for (project) managers, accountants, website developers, graphic designers at non-profit organizations
  • Let a local volunteer mentor a refugee volunteer
  • Support refugees who like to start a volunteer project with the aim to help other refugees


Hire a refugee

Refugees are ready, willing and able to be active, learn and work. Refugees have a lot of talents: they are entrepreneurial, have perseverance and they are multilingual. Skills which can add great value to your organization.

When you hire a newcomer, consider:

  • Encouraging other employers in your community to do the same
  • Providing training on language, digital skills, and soft skills
  • Helping them build professional networks
  • Supporting and recognizing organizations that employ newcomers
  • After you hire a newcomer, it is important to support them with continuous mentorship and training opportunities

Mentor refugees who like to start their own business

Refugees are entrepreneurial and motivating refugees to start an own business is highly supported by the Dutch Government. Stimulate entrepreneurship and provide your assistance to new entrepreneurs.


  • Share start-up experiences with new entrepreneurs and let new entrepreneurs learn from existing start-ups
  • Share your professional knowledge professional networks
  • Provide services regarding administrative, legal and other official procedures
  • Create training and mentoring programs for entrepreneurs