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The biggest network Community & Recruitment platform in the Netherlands for newcomers, locals, organisations and companies.

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Refugee Start Force

Our Mission

Our guiding objective is empowering refugees to participate more quickly into the Dutch society and labor market and build a successful life in The Netherlands. We equip refugees with the knowledge, contacts and opportunities needed to realize their ambitions.

Social Enterprise

It’s our mission to make social impact, rather than making financial profits. We are fully independent and do not receive any subsidies. We finance our activities via partnerships and professional activities.

Our social enterprise consists of the Refugee Start Force Foundation and RSF Recruitment BV.

RSF Recruitment is now open for employers!
View the movie.

For who?

Refugees & Locals

  • Find Social networks and make friends
  • Participate in professional networks and meet local professionals
  • Find interesting workshops and training opportunities
  • Find volunteer work, internships and jobs

Companies & organisations

  • Organize networking events & company presentations, workshops or training events.
  • Create opportunities for volunteer work
  • Create internships & learning programs for refugees
  • Hire refugees for payed jobs

Are you a newcomer?

Register as a member so we can contact you when we scout interesting opportunities for you.
Registration is free and we don’t share your details with third parties without your permission!

The APP to get in contact with people in your neighbourhood

The APP to get in contact with people in your neighbourhood

The APP to get in contact with people in your neighbourhood

The APP to get in contact with people in your neighbourhood

Refugee Start Force
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Projects & Events


Volunteer projects, internships and paid jobs

Our partners & friends

To Contribute to positive change and achieve our goals, we partner with extraordinary organizations and companies.